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Beautifully crafted

Love & Well-Being Gifts!



A Little Shop OF Happiness for You  

 With the motto of Doing Good and Inspire others to shop with purpose .



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Initiative by Sally Tong in 2016

with the burning desire of making our world more Green with

slow fashion movement .

She Started her blog in 2019 


 She is also the creator 

Women In Impact 

& Manager Director Of

Dreams Matter Ventures .

20 Years of core background of entrepreneurship ,she first hand experience the challenges & loneliness of founder's journey.

And the SAME TIME the important of Happiness and Well Being !

She believe that "

Everyone deserves happiness in life& We can Make Impact at the same time ! 

 Treat yourself or a loved one to a Love & Well Being Gifts 

 Start a happiness &impactful journey today.

Fill with  full of beautifully crafted goodies !!


Denim Handcrafter  shop

curate for all your wellbeing needs. All proceeds from sales help to fund the work of DH  a social enterprise committed to supporting happier impactful & healthier Life 



Founder :Passion to Inspire 

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You are the Writer of Life 
& Life-STYLE


Be The Green Voice !!


Slow fashion is the voice of all things green and good for the health of the environment.


It speaks to raise awareness about crucial causes for the health of people and the planet.


It’s the movement to minimize the supply chain for a more sustainable industry.


Essentially, slow fashion will ensure quality products without compromising the health of the environment in the process.



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Disclaimer : All The Products are original and handmade by Love .

We are the only sole creator and seller for Denim Handcrafter products .

All Products are unique and imperfect because of handcrafted .

This is a showing and symbol for being unique and appreciate ourself ! 

Be Brave ! Not Flawless !